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Consulting / Coaching / Leadership
for Small Businesses

Attention: Owners, Presidents, CEO's, Managing Partners and General Managers —

Compass Forum (CF) was designed with you in mind: people that are so busy working IN their business that they don't have enough opportunity to work ON their business.

CF is a membership-only based solutions provider for growing and improving small business, with expertise in sales leadership, management and problem-solving.

CF conducts monthly workshops and training sessions consisting of over 60 topics pointed at improving the performance and growth of small businesses and their employees.


Sales Road Map
Secrets to Successful Prospecting
Overcoming Stalls and Objections
Understanding the Buying Cycle
Winner/Loser Profiles
Time Management
Stress Management
Organizational Skills
Standards and Systems
Manage — Don't Babysit
Evaluating and Hiring Candidates
Finding and Interviewing Candidates
Evaluating and Managing Risk
Proper Goal-Setting and Tracking
Principles of Negotiations
Committees and Decisions

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